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About investment

Not everybody who gets into real estate makes money — we all know someone whose property seems to be an endless money-pit.  There is a lot of  knowledge and experience that’s needed to know that a property is definitely going to be profitable. The truth is, it takes plenty of work to purchase, upgrade, rent and sell real estate.  If you wanted to do it all yourself, here are some of the tasks you would need to take care of: Finding and analyzing the deal thereafter negotiating the purchase. Negotiation of mortgages. Title transfers, lien searches. Obtaining property, liability and title insurance. Property repairs, maintenance and upgrades. Renting or leasing units to tenants. Tax issues, and most important choose the right investment strategy for maximum profit.

The beauty of investing with us is that you don’t need to think about any of these things.  Our team has the experience to take care of everything easily, so you won’t have to shoulder any of the workload.

More information on investments, including examples of recent investments transactions can be found here

Real estate:  a secure investment with an excellent rate of return

If you’re looking for a secure investment with high returns, then putting your money into a real estate, it is the perfect choice.  You make an excellent profit, and your investment is securely backed by real property.  It’s one of the safest investments there is — especially when the real estate is being managed by an experienced team. You have the potential to earn significantly more than the rates offered by banks, GIC’s, RRSP’s or mutual funds.

Let’s look at how it compares with other forms of investment.

With interest rates at a 40-year low, smart investors are keeping their money out of financial institutions, and putting it into more profitable ventures .GIC’s, long-term deposits, RRSP’s, Canada Savings Bonds and Canada Premium Bonds will give you a dismal return, even for the maximum length of their terms, and while there are many other investment options that may have the potential to earn you higher rates than the financial institutions, those investments also carry a higher degree of risk. In Canada, real estate is one of the most secure investments you can make.  And current market conditions are excellent for investors, especially as a hedge against stock market volatility. Even if the housing market drops, we have solid, proven strategies that allow us to adapt to any market conditions, and still make an excellent profit.  The key to making money in real estate is adapting to the market trends.  The “buy low — sell high” adage can work well at this time, but even more effective is the buy-rent-sell method or pre-construction deals strategy that we currently use. So if you are considering investing in real estate, this is an excellent time.  We can offer you an investment option that exactly matches your financial needs.

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